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3 ways Augmented Reality is entering the Digital Marketing world!

Technology has evolved and boy it’s time we pay attention to how fast it’s changing! I bet many of you have heard of Augmented Reality and what it can do.

We’ve come to an age where people just don’t want to SEE things anymore. They want to experience it. So, how can Augmented Reality add that value in your life?

The main idea of AR is to bring things to life. Virtual Reality made us feel that way but the drawback for most people were the need to purchase the headset to make it all come true. That’s where AR comes in. Instead of being all about reality or virtual reality, Augmented Reality lies in the middle of the realm called mixed reality. You have one foot in the real world and another in the virtual world. The best part is, all this is possible with just a click on your smartphone.

So, where does Augmented Reality play it’s role in digital marketing? Digital marketing means the marketing of products or services through digital channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, SMS,MMS, emails and other digital media platforms available. The whole idea is to reach customers in the most convenient way.

history of advertising
History of Advertising

Let’s think of advertisements for a minute. If you recall, advertisements have gone through the age of newspapers to billboards to radio announcements to television to social media and now to the evolution of experiences that we post on these medias.

Now, how is this going to change in the world of AR? I’ve thought of 3 ways Augmented Reality is going to show itself in the new age of digital marketing which are:

  1. Brand Marketing
  2. Product Marketing
  3. Virtual Fitting


Coca Cola Augmented Reality Marketing
Augmented Reality Marketing by Coca Cola

Brand marketing in short is about how you sell your brand. It refers less to the products you are selling, instead it is a whole approach on how you reach your customers.

So, what do you have to do? It’s about you selling your brand to your customers. Create a story, something they’ll remember and connect you to every time they see a trigger. What’s better than telling a story in which your customers can experience it firsthand? A few years ago, Pepsi Max made everyone at a random bus stop experience something they’ll never forget. It went viral and till date,one of the best advertising a brand could come up with.

Story-telling is the best way to make people remember your brand and integrating AR into it is going to make things a lot better.


Product marketing has a completely different approach compared to brand marketing. In this case, you’re focusing fully on your product and nothing else. Furnitures, food-stuff, electronics, household utilities.. Anything! Those are products that companies have to market and consumers tend to buy. Now, think of how will an AR experience change the way your customers view your product online before they purchase it?

Let me give you an example. Say you just bought a new house and you’re thinking of buying a chandelier for your hall. Most of the time, it’s about browsing online and picking out the chandelier that caught your eye, or driving yourself to the shop and picking it out there. But you can’t ignore that there will be this tiny,weeny,little voice at the back of your head asking you “will this actually look nice in my house?”. This happens with many other things whether it’s sofas or tables or art that you want to hang on the wall. How are you going to keep that nagging voice down? Easy! With AR!

Imagine this! What if you were able to have a 3D chandelier in your phone and through that you can place the chandelier anywhere you like and see how it looks instantly. Wouldn’t that be cool?

ikea augmented reality marketing
AR Marketing by IKEA

Ikea came up with an app on Apple’s iOS 11 called Ikea Place. This app allows you to place Ikea products around your house or anywhere you like and see how it fits in to your liking.

Apps like this allows uses to feel excited about the product and convincing them to buy it would be easier. Product marketing has become so much simpler with the possibility AR has created. There are so many apps out there utilizing this method in their product marketing. It’s time you put your imagination to full use and come up with an amazing way to showcase your product.


We’ve reached an era where everything is online. We can’t deny the fact that people just don’t have the time to walk around from shop to shop looking for a blouse or a pants. Online clothing shops have just made people’s life easier. The problem with this always comes down to finding the right size of clothes though. Shopping online means you’re taking a risk. You have no idea whether that dress you’re purchasing would fit you or would that shirt look nice on you. Everything is a mystery until that package arrives at your front door. AR can change that! It’s about looking at how a particular clothing or jewelry would look like on you.

Uniqlo shook the world in 2013 with the introduction of the Magic Mirror. It allowed shoppers to try on an item and decide which color would suit them best through the mirror instead of manually doing it.

AR Marketing by Uniqlo
AR Marketing by Uniqlo

Timberland also promoted the use of AR in retail through their immersive marketing campaign. They allowed passers by to try on clothing without even entering their shop.

Virtual fitting might become a necessity in the future however full body fitting is only possible in the presence of Microsoft’s kinect at the moment. Our smart phones aren’t able to support that many data points at a time to recognize a person’s body. Regardless of that fact, the future of virtual fitting is still exciting.

If not body, what else can we do? Ladies, this might be a life-changing moment for you.

What if you’re able to try on all those online jewelry before you purchase it? You’re probably thinking “nahhhh.. that’s not possible!!”. What if I tell you, it is possible and we have done it.

AR and the future

The technology Snapchat has introduced to the world in terms of AR is tremendous! Face recognition is a given for Snapchat filters and now in Instagram. So how would it be possible for us to try on jewelry beforehand?

Virtual fitting can be anything your imagination allows. It’s about you selling your products and giving your customers the assurance that it will suit them.

What’s your opinion on this?If you’re a retailer selling jewelry, head-gear or any face related accessories online, this would be a huge step for you to take in your marketing strategy.

AR has defined itself in so many ways. It’s no more about closing your eyes and imagining a particular scenario. You wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore because AR will allow your imagination to come to life!

In the end, it all comes down to how you are going to use the latest technology for your digital marketing strategy. It’s time to allow your imagination to take over and bring your brand to another level.

Just as Carl Sagan once said, “Imagination will often carry us to worlds there never were. But without it, we go nowhere.”

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