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Boost the reach of your marketing campaigns with frictionless AR experience

Allow your audience experience stunning AR experiences that promotes your brand without the need to download an app.

Instant experience on your browser

WebAR allows immersive content to be delivered straight to the user's smartphone without the need to stop and download an app.

Scan a QR code or tap on a web link, and start interacting with the virtual world.

Place 3D objects in the

real world

Make your brochures, posters or even billboards come alive

Virtual try on with accessories and face filters

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How  it works

Users access the WebAR experience via QR code or a link

The WebAR experience opens automatically on their browser.

Users can try the experience and also choose to share it on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

Types of WebAR

Face Effects

Attach 3D objects on custom points or apply designs to the face to create high-quality face filters.

This allows users to play, capture and share with their friends and family on social media using just the browser!

World Effects

World effects allows you to add 2D/3D objects or a 360 degree view of a scene to the world that the user can walk towards and manipulate which allows the user to move, scale and rotate the object.

Marker Tracking

Marker Tracking allows you to specify an image that is recognized and tracked by the browser camera including packaging, logos, signage, posters, ads, labels and more to trigger or interact with WebAR content.

It also includes different effects that can be triggered when the marker is recognized, tapped and more. 

Why WebAR

No download. No application. No friction

Users can access by scanning a QR code or a link via

their browser.

There is no limitation to the ideas and branding to the AR experience.

Unlike Social AR, the review and approval process is fully under your control.

Since WebAR is browser based, you can make it part of any marketing campaigns e.g SMS blasting, email newsletter, digital ads and etc.

Our Work

See what we can do for you.

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Boost your marketing campaigns now

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