The foodpanda campaign was launched by an influencer marketing agency. The main idea was to have a "Who is a Bigger Foodie" version which garnered a lot of impressions and reach. This was during the time that the “Who is more..” filter was a trend and foodpanda hopped on the trend for their augmented reality marketing campaign.

Maison De Grand Espirit

MDGE introduced a new wine collection with 4 new amazing flavours and they wanted to increase their brand awareness. Their Instagram filter was a randomizer that randomizes wine options that you should drink today. The colour of the filter and the fun of trying to pronounce the wine names made an amazing impression worldwide



Guardian wanted to create a filter for International Women’s Day. At the time where the randomizer Instagram filters were trending, they create 20 options for ladies to get to stand a chance to win their giveaways. This campaign was a success as they incorporated Augmented Reality with their giveaways. So customers had a chance to experience the campaign rather than just post a picture and write a caption.


The recently launched Laneige filter introduces one to their new product, Thirst for Life. This Instagram filter was a game concept where the players have to catch all the good elements with the bottle below. The more good elements you catch, the smoother your skin becomes. If you catch bad elements, your skin becomes dull and irritated. This was a fun way for them to spread the awareness of taking care of yourself and your complexion by always feeding yourself good things instead of bad ones

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